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System Startup
The best way to get your system up and running in the spring is to have your Oasis contractor go through their startup procedure. They will be able to check and make sure all the components are working properly and help to ensure that your system is ready to work for the season.

It is important to follow a strict startup protocol, including replacing damaged sprinkler heads and valves and systematic 'recharging' of the system to avoid surge pressures that can burst fittings, pop heads and cause sprinklers to literally blow right out of the ground. Any weakness in the system, even minimal, can lead to system failure when you need your irrigation system the most.

Proper setup also includes correct timing, flow and alignment of sprinkler heads to ensure efficient coverage of your landscape as well as adherence to local water restrictions and regulations.

Winterizing Your System
Every year, before the first freeze, you’ll need to "winterize" your irrigation system to minimize the risk of freeze damage. Water remaining in your system can freeze and expand, cracking the piping, fittings and even the brass backflow assembly.

In order to effectively and completely remove all water from your system, it must be "blown out" with a compressor in a systematic fashion to prevent pressure damage on joints, sprinkler heads and even the walls of the pipes. is much less costly to properly and efficiently winterize the system in the fall than to repair damaged fittings, piping, valves, sprinklers and other components in the spring.

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Repairing damaged sprinkler heads is
a vital aspect of startup procedures


Proper zone settings and timing ensures
efficient coverage and water usage


Blowing out your irrigation system is vital to preventing freeze damage over the winter