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With proper scheduled maintenance, your professionally installed automatic irrigation system should work properly for many years. To ensure the performance of all our systems, Oasis Irrigation Company stands behind every system it designs and installs and provides a full menu of maintenance services.

Oasis will also provide manintenance and repair service for previously installed systems. Our trained staff of irrigation professionals and fleet of vehicles are ready to serve you at any time. Just contact us to set up an appointment.

It is suggested that you have an irrigation professional perform a comprehensive inventory of your system early in the season, preferably at startup, to identify any broken or faulty elements throughout the system. Isolating performance issues early can prevent even greater damage to your system later, when your landscaping is most reliant upon it.

Maintenance can help indentify:
• Proper function and coverage of all irrigations zones
• Damage to sprinkler heads, nozzles and pipes
• Debris or clogs in the system, restricting proper flow
• Broken or defective valves, electrical elements and fittings