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It is often possible to improve exsting irrigation systems through the process of retrofitting. By upgrading the existing sprinkler infrastructure through the use of new products, systems and technologies we can maximize efficiency and improve conservation of resources.

Retrofitting, in most cases, eliminates the need to dig up and rebuild a system, minimizing impacts to your property. It also minimizes the need for extra service and maintenance througout the year to adjust for seasonal needs.

Examples of retrofitting might include:
• Use of new timer technology that automatically adapts to
seasonal requirements and local restrictions.

• Proper use of appropriate sprinkler heads that provide improved and efficient spray pattens.

• Integration of 'fertigation' systems that automatically apply fertilizers through the irrigation system.




Computerized timers can adapt to
seasonal needs across multiple zones


Improved sprinkler heads enable
efficient coverage and resource use


A 'fertigator' valve applies fertilizer
directly through sprinkler heads